Wine Storage


Our wines are stored in an air-conditioned and temperature-controlled environment. As you probably know, natural wines (which are sulfur-free) must not be overheated or exposed to unexpected temperature fluctuations.

Wines love resting at cellar-temperature.

We recommend to store the wines only for short periods of time and in a place where temperature is above 20°C.

A normal refrigerator can be a good place for a short term storage, since the compressor's vibrations could decompose the wine over a long-term storage. Refrigerators for ageing have a good cooling system which is immune to vibrations.

If you intend to store the wines for a long time without using a cellar, these type of refrigerators are the best solution.


How to Store Wines

If you intend to keep the wine only for a few weeks, the vertical bottle in the house is the best solution. Potential sediments , which are typical of natural wines (unfiltered) and sparkling wines (refermented in the bottle with their yeasts) will gently lay on the bottom.


If, on the other hand, you want to store the wine or you plan a few years of ageing, positioning the bottle in a horizontal way and placing it inside a cool and dark environment is the best solution.
Countless solutions can be used for storage, you only have to choose.

Use a bit of a thought before bringing the bottle to the table, i.e. move it gently in order to avoid the sediments to be mixed up again after sudden movements.


A Piece of Advice for Refined Tastes

Forgetting about a nice bottle over the years and finding it again, unexpectedly, after long time, is a big pleasure and a surprise which the ones who love drinking with awareness should allow themselves once in a while. The biggest pleasure will be experienced during the first taste: the more ìaliveî the wines are, the more evolving skills they show.





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