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At Meteri we research and select artisan and local wines, which respect seasonal cycles, viticulture and traditions.
We like well-tempered, out of the ordinary and surprising wines.
We are thrilled by their evolutive capability, whether in bottle, in glass or, when it happens, by tasting them again a few days from the broach. The most important quality is the drinkability!
We choose wines together with their terroir, the men and the women producing them. Our ambition is to bring at your home the excitement of a unique savor experience. If you are looking for perfect wines, belonging to pre-estabilished schemes, defined by permanent fragrances, colors and flavors, then Meteri does not suit you!
Meteri stores its wines in monitored temperature warehouse, and ships even a single bottle in all Europe.


La Selezione Meteri

We taste the wines one by one before selecting them and we personally know each one of our winemakers.
We are passionate about our job and research, especially when it means digging below the surface.
We aim for a final result that comes from the experience and the luck of a special season: that is why our wines are sometimes unique.
We love rare and uncommon wine varieties, and often specialise in small, exclusive productions.
We are fascinated by the old vineyards magic, by seeing and touching the stones that compose the vineyard's ground: we get excited about discovering the territory when drinking a glass, starting from the minerality.
We opt for people whose projects is consistent with ours, an idea of wine in harmony with an environment to be preserved and valued. We like having a look around in the vineyard and repair on biodiversity, we like vineyards near forests, trees, wild grass and flowers.
At times we feel romantic and enjoy thinking about vineyards ploughed by horses, about grapes crushed by feet, about ancient, handworked sparkling wine-making processes.
We like to imagine the silent work of the roots, the fossils in the vineyards, the universe of microorganisms that give birth to the ground's natural processes, the influence of cosmic forces.
That is why, perhaps, some of our products will not be constantly available, some wines will be proposed just once because just once we truly liked them or because, perhaps, the manufacturer produced them only during one season.
We will wait for the evolution of the vintages that today are stored in the kegs - that maybe we have tasted over the years - and we will imagine the wines that will be selected in the future.
We are also available to accept a certain variability from bottle to bottle, as surprise has also a price.

Meteri comes from an idea of Raffaele Bonivento, Matteo Crosera, Luca Fullin

Raffaele Bonivento

Born in Venice, manager of fashion and luxury business area.
I became interested in wines during the 90's.
Running first into Angiolino Maule and then into Sandro Sangiorgi was the sparkle which ignited my curiosity and interest towards the striking world of "natural wines", a world that fascinated and seduced me from the beginning.
I took part of the arrangement for the first editions of Villa Favorita, worked for Porthos as a photographer and journalist, visiting places, manufacturers and companies: I traveled to France, Italy, Slovenia and Austria, getting to meet the most active manufacturers in the so-called ìwine counter-revolutionî, visiting vineyards, tasting wines.
I took part of wine-tastings with enthusiasm, as well as of events and courses. After spending more than ten years in this network, I began thinking it was necessary to reinforce the link between all drinking enthusiasts and Europe's manufacturers.
I met Matteo and Luca, people with the necessary strength and competence to fulfill this undergoing project.
It took few words and some bottles on a table to give birth to Meteri.


Matteo Crosera

Young engineer, artistic and cultural event organiser, photographer and computer scientist. I learned and got quickly interested in natural, biodynamic and regional wines thanks to the acquaintance of Raffaele. I visited all the regions and manufacturers which are involved in the Meteri's selection, sharing the same enthusiasm for the project since the beginning.


Luca Fullin

Luca Fullin was born in Trieste in '81.
I am the senior manager of the Wildner Restaurant in Venice.
My "winy" path started when i was only 5 years old, when i used to go with my grandfather into the ìdolinaî, in order to naturally fertilize the garden and to have walks into Karst's vineyards.
My career started at the Harry's Bar in Venice, where i had my first contact with the most famous wine brands. I moved to London to work at Capital Restaurant & Bar, two Michelin stars at the time, where i dealt with a prestigious French wine list. In 2006 I went back to Venice and I had the honor to run the family Restaurant for the third descent. In those years i had the chance to get to know the world of wine in a different way and, thanks also to the partnership of Slow Food, I started organizing meetings, wine tastings, training courses, I met different people (Mauro Lorenzon the innkeeper, Cesare Benelli and all the vigneron friends in particular) having the possibility to visit vineyards, cellars and families.
During those years I have understood that behind a great wine there is always a great person living harmoniously with his environment.
So I made a wine list which gives great importance to small manufacturers who hand-craft their products, using local vineyards which represent the historical authenticity of the places where they are manufactured. The acquaintance of Raffaele and Matteo gave birth to METERI.
Excellence and environment: that's what I believe in.

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