1. General Information is an e-commerce website which distributes wines, oils and other regional goods, all property of Meteri S.R.L.

The following terms and conditions govern the sale of all the Meteri S.R.L. commercialized products on the website, in conformity with the Italian law and CE directives, particularly with the D. Lgs. 70/2003 for electronic-commerce and D. Lgs 206/2005 for the protection of consumers' interests, with a specific reference to the Distance Selling norm. Potential alterations or new sale conditions, that Meteri may carry out in every moment, will be effective from their actual publication on the website and will be applied only on the sales that will be finalised after their publication on the website.

All the products and goods on are intended for adults or anyone who is 18 years old when placing the order. The website has two different sections, each with a different payment method and terms and conditions, whether the Customer is a consumer - according to definition in the art.3, co.1, lett.a) of the D. Lgs 206/2005 ( Consumer Code), which states that consumer is a natural person who access to the website with no direct references to his or her commercial, entrepreneurial or artisan profession ñ or whether the Customer is not a consumer, according to the same definition ( ìfood serviceî section).

In order to purchase the products you must necessarily access the free online registration.

The acceptance and the specific approval of these terms ñ which, in conformity with the current norm, can be memorized or archived by the Customer - is compulsory for the correct purchase procedure. The Customer guarantees that the personal given information are complete and truthful and that they can not be transferred for any reason to a third party. The Customer discharges Meteri S.r.l. of any restitutory charge or related sanction - or connected in any form to the Customer's infringement of the website registration terms. The Customer agrees on receiving all the needed communications for the purchase on the provided e-mail address. Whereas the Customer would not like to receive any further informative e-mails from Meteri, he could ask to deactivate the account by entering his or her personal area.


2. Contract information

In conformity to the current European directives and the e-commerce dispositions stated by the D. Lgs 9th of April 2003 nr. 70, we inform the Customer that, in order to stipulate the purchase contract of one or more goods on the website, the Customer will have to fill an electronic order form and send it following the instructions in the purchase section of the website. The correct order reception will be confirmed by via confirmation email to the e-mail address that the Customer gave at the moment of the registration.

The contract is considered complete as soon as will have the order registered, given prior order and payment verification; before submitting the order, the Customer will be able to detect and edit potential mistakes of his or her order details by following the instructions in the different purchase stages; once the form is submitted and the full payment authorisation is received, the Customer will get an e-mail from with: a confirmation notice, a payment receipt, a general terms and conditions' summary, information about the purchased product, full details of the price, of possible taxes, of the chosen payment method, of shipping costs and potential additional prices, as well as the Customer Service contacts, which the Customer can refer to in case of support or to file a complaint or to apply the right of withdrawal ñ if the Customer is a consumer. We recommend to keep and print your e-mails once you received them as proof of purchase; the order form will be archived by Meteri during the needed time to fulfill the order, always within the legal terms. The Customer will also be able to check his or her order form by accessing the personal area and selecting “My orders”.


3. Products Pricing and Availability

Supplies are limited according to the available amount.

All the prices of the products that are on sale on the website are expressed in Euros ( € ) and are inclusive of VAT according to the current rate when the order is placed and they don't include potential taxes, customs duties or any other impost which may be applied by the country of destination of the goods, if it is not Italy, which will be charged on the Customer, who has also the burden of verifying their existence. Shipping costs and any further additional costs, inclusive of VAT, where required, and expressed in Euros ( € ), will be separately indicated in the order form before the purchase is completed and they will be however indicated in the confirmation e-mail of the order. The price of the products can change without notice, though the price charged to the Customer will be the same one shown at the moment of the order placement.


4. Purchase order and products availability

The order will be processed by as soon as it gets the confirmation which states that the whole payment which is due to the Customer and includes all the further costs, as explained in the order form ñ has been authorised. In case the product is not longer available after the purchase order has been submitted, the Customer will be immediately informed via e-mail ñ on the address given at the moment of the registration ñ and the purchase will be cancelled. If the payment has already been completed, it will be totally and immediately refunded or, however, no later than thirty (30) days from the day after the Vendor has received the order, through the same payment method that the Customer used. Potential credit delays may depend on the bank, on the type of credit card or on the payment method that the Customer used and can not be ascribed to

In order to preserve the organoleptic features and considering the potential shortage/limited amount of chimical/preservative substances in our products, may, given prior notice on the website and during the purchase stage, want to limit or suspend the deliveries during some specific times of the year, or change the normal shipping and packaging procedure - if the shipping is required by the Customer despite the shipment suspension that may dispose..


5. Delivery of the purchased products and inspection of the goods upon delivery

The delivery time of each product will be specified during the purchase procedure and Meteri shall ship the products no later than thirty (30) days from the day after the Vendor has received the order. The purchased products will be delivered only and exclusively to the shipping address ( that the Customer previously registered on website) via express courier, provided with an early payment by Meteri; no delivery to a specified floor is provided. Operating modes, special type of package, shipping fares and delivery times are displayed in the shipment section of the website.

In case of clear signs of deficiency, breakage or damage to any packaging - which the Customer is requested to examine at the time of delivery - the Customer is advised to make a note on the delivery slip stating that he accepts the delivery by signing ìconditionallyî (if the conditions of the content are valid) or that he or she reports a deficiency; but if the delivery is partly or totally damaged (i.e. If it shows liquid loss.), the Customer is advised to reject the goods at that time, to report the extent of the breakage in the note on the delivery slip and, finally, to send immediate notice to Meteri, providing order and shipping references. In that case Meteri s.r.l. will provide a new delivery at its own expenses, giving responsibility to the carrier.
Further dispositions such as Right of withdrawal ( 6. ) and Warranty ( 7.), as displayed in this Terms and Condition section - can also be applied.


6. Right of withdrawal

The Customer has the right to cancel his declaration of contract without penalties and without stating a reason within fourteen (14) days after having received the product in written form. In order to make use of the right of withdrawal the Customer has to send an e-mail to the Customer Service ( ) which must includes the reference number and date of the order, the code of every good which the Customer intend to return with the right of withdrawal, and his or her bank account details (IBAN).

Goods will have to be returned in a sealable condition and in their original, undamaged packaging within 15 days after having received an email of acknowledgment from, in which the authorisation for the goods to be returned to Meteri S.r.l. (c/o Speedservice, Viale delle Industrie 2, 30030 Fossò, Venezia) is given.

A corresponding refund will be credited by Meteri (which will exclude the shipping costs, according to art. 67 comma 3 of the Consumers Code) within 30 days after having learnt about the application of the right of withdrawal due to the Customer and, however, not before having received the returned products back and having verified their conditions.

Essential condition for the Customer to apply the right of withdrawal is to return the goods in a absolutely undamaged state.

Costs and risks related to the return of the goods will be charged on the buyer. We want to specify that the standard EU regulations allows only a natural person ( Consumers) to apply the right of withdrawal, a natural person who acts on purposes which are no directly related to his or her commercial activity. Therefore, the right of withdrawal can not be applied by a legal person or a natural person who acts on purposes related to his or her commercial activity. Third parties or anyone who buys or sells in order to resell to a third party is also excluded from the right of withdrawal.


7. Warranty ensures the quality of its products and their conformity to the technical information displayed on the website, but it is all a matter of natural products, and the Customer satisfaction is our first priority.

It is important to specify that if the wines showed a slight second fermentation, it is to be considered a product's feature, considering the limited amount (if not the complete absence) of sulphur dioxide (SO2) in our wines.

We would also like to specify that the so-called "natural" wines involve very low-impact cellar practices and that possible hints of reduction are to be considered a feature of the product. A good wine oxygenation shall be able to clear completely or mostly the reductive hints.

In case the merchandise is flawed, for any reason not included in point 5, the Customer may return the merchandise to Meteri S.r.l. (c/o Speedservice viale delle industrie 2, 30030 FossÚ, Venice) within ten (10) days after having received it, with packaging and shipping costs at his or her own expense, specifying the cause of restitution. will promptly replace the flawed merchandise prior a check of the detected flaw, or, in case the merchandise is not anymore available at the moment of restitution, it will refund the compensation.


8. Court and applicable law

The general contract terms are subject to the italian law and each sale contract is subject to italian jurisdiction. For any case of controversy concerning the general terms or individual sale contracts, the Court of Venice will be the only authority in charge, except, however, the applicability of binding legal provisions on behalf of the consumer.

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